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COS-1 5 1/4" tall, oval shape, BIM with a tooled round collared lip and a smooth base. Bright yellow / green color. Embossed in script: " PALMER " A great color bottle in super mint condition! Bottle has some nice stretch lines in the neck that extend through the shoulder. Adds a lot of character to this bottle.  $35.00

COS-2  5 1/4" tall, with stopper in. 1/2 round form with a flat back, BIM with a tooled ringed lip and a smooth base. Nice, light Palmer yellow green color. Embossed in script on flat front panel : " PALMER " A great color bottle in mint condition! No chips, cracks, or stain. The bottle still has the original label ( Lily of the Valley toilet water ), metal corked top and crown shape metal dauber. Metal cork  top has embossed : " SOLON PALMER  /  N. Y. " Bottle is in mint condition. The label is a little faded and has a couple of edge tears, but not to bad. This is another nice Palmer cosmetic bottle.  SOLD  

COS-3 Crown Perfume Co.?  4 1/4" tall, base is 1" across, round form. BIM bottle with a tooled ring lip and smooth base. Bottle has a embossed crown near shoulder. Light yellow green glass, lighter at the top. Glass gets darker towards the base. Very crude, textured glass, bottle leans to one side. A very nice bottle in super mint condition.  SOLD 

   Shaving Mug  2 7/8" tall, the base is 2 1/2" across and the top is 2 6/8" across. Round, 2 part mould with a handle. Clear glass. Embossed on front within a shield: " coat of arms / GOLDEN KNIGHT / SHAVING SOAP " Embossed towards base: " ANSEHL / ST. LOUIS , MO. "  A real nice shaving or barber collectable in super mint condition! Glass is uneven and textured. A very unusual piece that I have never seen before.  SOLD

COS-4 Fancy dresser jar 41/4" tall without top, 4 part mold, stone ground lip and a smooth base. Top to match jar. Jar & top are all made of milk glass. No embossing, just fancy scroll patterns. Jar has a 1/2" chip in the lip due to the grinding process. Lid hides this chip. Lid is mint! A nice clean jar. $45.00

COS-5 Fancy Dresser Powder Shaker   31/4" tall with top, 4 part mold, stone ground screw lip and a smooth base. Made of milk glass and painted. Most of the paint is gone but can be seen where it used to be. Still a very nice, ornate piece. No embossing, just fancy patterns and flowers. Please see pictures. Shaker is in mint condition except for the paint loss. The brass lid is complete but dented in from the top.  $45.00

COS-6    5" tall, 2 part mold, crude, tooled?, square collar lip and a smooth base. Bottle is made of white milk glass. Embossing on the back of bracelet : " TRADE MARK ". A nice figural cologne or perfume bottle of a hand with bracelet holding a bottle that has a parrot with a long tail embossed on it. Never seen this one before now. Bottle is in mint condition with some in the making lines on the very top of the lip. Not a defect, but it is there and can be seen because dirt, over the years, has creped in and made the lines more visible. No chips, cracks, stain or dings. A nice figural bottle. SOLD    




PICTURES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. For more information, or to purchase a bottle, please feel free to email me by clicking on the mail slot below.

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Last revised: March 16, 2012 .


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